Carnaval de Nice: Découvrez les Premières Images du Corso Illuminé

Carnaval de Nice: Découvrez les Premières Images du Corso Illuminé

11 février 2023 0 Par Yannick Deslandes

Le Corso Illuminé Parade in Nice

This past Saturday night, the city of Nice was illuminated by the annual Le Corso Illuminé parade. This parade is a popular event in Nice, as it brings together people of all ages to celebrate the city’s culture and history. The parade consists of floats, marching bands, and costumed performers, all illuminated with lights and colorful decorations. The procession begins in the old city center and winds its way through the streets of Nice, ending at the Promenade des Anglais.

The parade is a celebration of the city’s history, with floats and decorations depicting the city’s traditional architecture, art, and culture. The marching bands play traditional music from the region, and the costumed performers wear traditional costumes from the region.

The parade is also an opportunity for the city’s residents to come together and celebrate the city. Thousands of people line the streets to watch the parade, and the atmosphere is one of joy and excitement. The parade is also a great opportunity for local businesses to show off their products and services.

The parade is a popular event in Nice, and has been taking place for over a hundred years. It is a great way to celebrate the city and its culture, and to bring people together to enjoy the festivities. The parade is a great way to experience the beauty of Nice and to appreciate the city’s history.


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